Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For Madeline

Have I mentioned lately that Madeline is fantastic?  As sad as I am for the loss of Piccolo, I am totally grateful that I have this adorable little clown at home.  When people see her on the street, they comment  about how happy she looks.  Madeline barks at people, and on walks, she will turn and walk towards someone's ankles, but it's not out of aggression.  It's more of a "look at me, pay attention to me" thing.  When she barks at someone, it generally results in a laugh.  Lately on walks she carries out a torn up bird  shaped toy in her mouth, and sometimes looks for a place to bury it.
I certainly was not expecting a special needs dog when I brought Madeline home.  Thanks to diet and supplements, I have not witnessed a seizure since early April.  She eats a home cooked, fish based diet. I may do a little tweaking, like introducing some chicken (the fish can be pricy!), but I have the whole process down, and the preparation is fairly simple.
This is a little quilt that I made for Mad, about a 48 inch square.  The pattern was found on Instagram,  called Scrappy Trip Along.  This has sixteen blocks, and in a departure from my love of print, I chose a solid for the binding.  I'm working on a sixty four block one for my bed, and it's going to be a monster. It really speaks to the fabric collector in me.  More is more is more.  A color and print explosion!

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