Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fish Oil is Good

Fish oil.  It's been a running joke at the store.  About how we need it to boost our fading memories.  I downloaded this tunic pattern, Rosalinda, after seeing it at TNNA.  I'm knitting it in two strands of Shibui Linen in Suit, a lovely navy blue.  The color is deeper and more intense than the photo.  I'm reading the pattern, and the body increases didn't make sense to me.  I'm doing them in a different way. They will be coming from the center of the panels rather than at the sides.  It only made sense to me after examining photos of other people's garments on Ravelry.  The shame of it is that I teach people how to read and interpret patterns.  I also encourage people to correct mistakes and rip back if they need to.  Handmade not Homemade.   I am going to flagrantly disobey my own advice.  In my desperation for warm weather wardrobe, I am going to knit on.  The panels will look nice and fit into the stitch pattern, but will be different than the designer's vision.  If I make another, I'll do it right.

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