Monday, September 01, 2014

Finish Something, Finish Anything

Tick tock.  I feel so overwhelmed by everything I have to do.  October 1 is the deadline, and we still need to find a destination for Lucky Penny HQ.  The Man is completely shut down over this issue, so the logistics and I fear, the funding, is going to fall on me.  There are projects that I want done so I don't need to finish them in the new place.  One was a book proposal, which is sent.  Now I wait.  I'm considering sending it out to some more publishers.  Another is a sewn piece that lines a knitted bag that I completely procrastinated on.  I'm going to be finished with that shortly.  Most of what I want done before the move are the sewing projects on my list.  In case I have to give up a sewing space.
Two new dog sweater prototypes are in the works.  For one, I taught myself a tubular cast on for a 2 X 2 rib.  This yarn is my new crush, Dream in Color Calm.  Intense color, it feels luscious, and smells good.

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