Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Many Sweaters?

I've lived with Madeline for three years, and here are all of the sweaters that I've knit for her.  I have never documented them all in one place, or on one platform.  There are thirty in the pile, a different sweater for every day if you count the one that's in progress.  So if my data plan allows, I'm going to try a new platform for sharing the sweaters.  Starting with tomorrow morning, around 8-8:30 CST, you can join Madeline and I for a walk on Periscope, which hopefully we will do every morning for the month.  I won't repeat a sweater for the month, so you get to see all of them, and I can talk a little about my process and tips and tricks for knitting a custom fit sweater.  You will also get a taste of our Chicago neighborhood and hear my pre-caffeinated voice. If you follow me on Twitter (luckypennyknits) you will get a little chirp when we go live.

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