Sunday, September 20, 2015

Not So Much A Compromise

In my current austere situation, I have been giving my stash and unfinished projects a good going over.  I'm just weaving in ends and blocking an Icelandic sweater I cast on years ago!  Really, I could go for a very long time without  purchasing anything new.  But, it's still so much fun to shop.  I've had the Truss sweater from Wool People 9 in my queue for a few months, and had another yarn in mind.  I was obsessed with it after knitting a hat.  I decided to open myself up for substitutions when I went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last week.   We got a super late start to the trip and made it there about 5 pm, which left about an hour.  As it turns out, that was just the right amount of time for the Man.  When everyone left about an hour later, we got a crowd free walk through the barns to look at the sheep.   In the market, I found a yarn that I have worked with before, and had forgotten about.  This is Briggs and Little Heritage, in the color Grey Heather.  The name does not even come close to describing the nuanced blue-green that it is.  A sweater's worth of yarn for less than fifty dollars.  It's hardly a compromise, because this is a wooly wool, has amazing color and a lovely sheep-y scent.

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