Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tooth Out Tuesday

We're still trying to broadcast our morning walks, with limited success.  I am posting every sweater worn to our Instagram feed (@luckypennyknits).   Mad hasn't worn this sweater often, and I honestly don't know why.  I love it.  It's knit in Noro Kureopatora, which is a lighter version of Kureyon, a favorite go-to yarn for dog sweaters.  I discovered that there is a super bulky version of Kureyon.  I need some!
Speaking of Instagram, I'll share with you some feeds that make me happy.   It's not all knitting and quilting.  I am obsessed with following other Pekingese, and I love Brussels Griffons.  One feed recently added, was The Rock.  He is so adorable, and I really liked his HBO series.  His comments usually make me giggle.  He had two French Bulldog puppies, sadly one died after ingesting poisoned mushrooms in the yard.  Always, always pay attention to what your pets are sniffing at outside.
The other one I added to a friend's feed and she has told me that seeing it always makes her happy.  Me too.  It's Wolfgang2242.  This cute guy named Steve lives with nine rescued dogs and one pig.  You would think that his home would be some kind of a mess with all those pets, but it always looks tidy and tasteful.  He has to have some serious housekeeping assistance.  My place is a disaster with just one human to look after.  Madeline is easy.

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