Saturday, November 14, 2015


I discovered when I published my last post that it was number 1000.  I have had a lot to say.  Still, there's a lot left unsaid.  Mostly these days having to do with rage.  All I can hope for is that what goes around, comes around.   I am still waiting for evidence that adage is true.
The knitting continues.  Working on some sample knitting, and this.  It's an attempt to upsize the Yoda sweater from my book to fit Madeline of the very long body.  It's using a lot of yarn, and I'm finding that my stash of brightly colored Kureyon is running short.  I'm about to purge an unfinished sweater for myself made years ago to finish this.  Fussy knitting with going on five different Kureyon color ways.

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