Friday, December 04, 2015

There's Always One More Dish to Wash

I have been giving some thought to how much I use my hands during the day.  As I type this, I've freshly applied lotion to the backs of my hands.  We make a lot of dirty dishes at Lucky Penny HQ, as I cook for our little family and the Man applies heat to food (meaning:  my food tastes good, his not so much).  How I long for a dishwasher.  My hands can get pretty chapped, and I need them to knit!
I'm starting a new enterprise/chapter this week.  I hope that doors will be opening, and we can start to rebuild the safety net that eroded these past few years.
This is a photo I did of Mad in October when I was recording all of her sweaters on Periscope and Instagram.  Speaking of which, I found some new ones to follow, that provide delight.  how_dull_is_beige is the housekeeper for Wolfgang2242 and posts cute little dogs, pumpkintheraccoon is a little rescued raccoon that lives with some cute dogs, and megillicutti is a vintage and antiques dealer that shares my passion for McCoy pottery.

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