Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Chill

I'm sitting here in my heated apartment, with a long sleeved (!) sweater and a poncho on. My feet feel toasty in my heavyweight Socks That Rock. My fingers feel like they're going to snap off, and my knees hurt. It's bitterly cold outside, and I think the windows in this apartment are not sealed that tight. I'm considering gettting a sweater on Piccolo too, but it may signal to her that she's going outside. We're not. Only if need be, and then long enough to take care of business, then back inside.

I'm home from the Flealess Market. All I can say is I think Chicago people don't get it when it comes to protecting pets from cold. The people bundled up, but nothing for the pets. And, when someone outfits their pet with merchandise from Target, they're not going to be so interested in what I offer. More and more, I'm convinced that my customer is not here, and they certainly were not attending this event. Maybe they're in New York. Or Aspen. Or, Madrid. I should have stayed home today to work on schematics for the book. Not having the proper tools to do a decent one, I had lots of off figure photography done to make up for the lack of schematic. It turns out that the editor will accept a line drawing, which their art department will transform into something decent looking. I wish I had known before. It's a learning process for me, this book writing thing.
When I was visiting in Colorado, of course I found a yarn shop in town. And, my sister M, who does not knit, came with me early in the morning to get the deepest discount. Yarn for a vest for her ended up coming home with me. It's Super Taj Mahal, a wool, silk and cashmere blend. M had pulled some sort of rust colored yarn, and said that someone she knew said this color would work on her. Not so much. I pulled out this blue/green stuff, and M's complexion just transformed. It's going to be a Ribby Shell. I've gotten quite a bit more knit on this since the photo. I liked the color so much, I wanted some for my own. When the yarn shop didn't yield enough for me as well, I went to Webs and found it. What are the chances of this happening--my order was from the same dye lot as what we got for M! So, if I run out of hers, we have back up, or alternatively, her left overs can be for me.


Bente said...

I wish you could allow comments from people without blogger accounts. I read here every day, and find it hard not to be able to leave a comment the "easy way". Keep forgetting my blogger password.

Corinne said...

Bente--you found it this time! I don't know if there's another way to comment without a Blogger identity. I do appreciate that you come by every day!