Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Only Good Place is in the House

This morning, walking on my street with Piccolo, her little feet started to freeze. She starts hopping, and then limping, and I have to carry her back in. She had my permission to poop in the house if she needed. I wish there was a way to protect her feet, but I haven't found anything practical. I did buy boots for her, but at the initial fitting she ran under the sofa to try to remove the one boot I put on her front paw. It's going to be even colder over the weekend, so excursions out will be very brief. Piccolo's wearing a favorite sweater of mine, body Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies, shade Ravenswood (sort of our neighborhood), bands in vintage Annabel Fox Aran, and tipped with Kimmet Croft fibers (from my other home state, Wisconsin) wool. I love a wool/mohair blend like Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Cape Cod Fibers Lobster Pot, or Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride for dog sweaters. They make a totally durable sweater that stays looking good for many years.

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