Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hello Project Spectrum

A mostly blue vest added to the Lucky Penny closet. What a surprise, right? Blue is my favorite color for clothes, for the simple reason that the color just looks the best on me. Pretty much every time. Blue always wins. I think if my hair would go completely gray (which, given my genetics, does not appear likely), I would put a blue rinse in it. I'm not kidding, either. With an all blue wardrobe, wouldn't it be smashing? I like using the Project Spectrum colors as a method for prioritizing projects knit from my massive stash. Finding a blue project to work on is generally not a challenge. But, there's some grey Touch Me that's been waiting to become a sweater forever! The next two months may be the time to tackle that.

I had considered a solitary trip up the Wisconsin on Monday to finish the schematics for the book. I wanted a place with fewer distractions so I could finally get this project off, and move on to other things. But with wind chills in the negative, the thought of driving up becomes less appealing. So, tomorrow I'll clear some space off the kitchen table (pathetic!) so work can take place.
Despite the bitter cold, I ventured out today for coffee with a friend. Coffee, pastry, good conversation. With my world all wrapped up in Piccolo and the Man, excursions with girl friends doesn't happen often. I'll do that again!

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