Monday, February 05, 2007

My Logistics Nightmare

I was housebound today, glad to stay home with wind chills in the negative double digits. I scrapped the idea of going to Wisconsin for my schematic retreat, which now has turned out for the best, as all the stuff I would have accomplished up there would have been rejected. I'm working now on second and third submissions of these things. It got me thinking about how I approach a design, and things that I should change to make the process a little more seamless. I never sketch out a design. I look through my yarn, a feeling comes over me, and stitches end up on my needles. I sometimes use something I've knit before as a reference for size. Getting the proportions right is not difficult for me, as there's a fit model on the premises, and I know her little bod so well. Since I am the only knitter in the Lucky Penny studio, up until now there was no need to communicate techniques. As a result of this back and forth submission process, there's now a pad of graph paper in the studio, and drawings will be made while I write the pattern text for future projects. It's a learning process, people, and I'm learning it ass backwards. The good news is that the book has an assigned production editor, so it's that much closer to becoming a reality.

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Laura said...

The book progress is exciting!