Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Project Spectrum Inspiration

Blue, white and gray. Shown on two little muses. My first dog, Yoda, who lived with me from 1991-1995. Black and white photography by my friend David Christensen. She was an old, tiny little six pound creature that I could carry in one hand. She would sleep in a little ball curled next to by head. I would love to put her in my face and just breathe her in. Yoda was the first dog I knit a sweater for, and pretty much started the whole dog in knitted garment obsession I have. Then, there's the Piccolo girl you're all familiar with. This sweater is Noro #149, I think, with Peace Fleece bands. This photo is from last year, during the weeks that I attempted to bring Agnes into our home. What gets to me about the Pekingese breed is how expressive their faces are. Doesn't Piccolo just look miserable? Lately her little game is to start wrestling with a squeak toy when I attempt to get a sweater on her. It's hilarious to try to get the neck over her head when she's shaking a toy in her mouth. Piccolo's snoot smells like Chinese food, and her feet smell like popcorn. I guess I've been breathing her in, too.

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Laura said...

Adorable. I love seeing pics of the muses, hee hee. I was not really motivated to make sweaters until I got my little dachshund. She looks great in them and they are knit up quickly. Thanks for sharing the pics!