Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Hair Days

Here's the Maureen Mason Jamison story from a Stitches Midwest a few years ago:

I took a class about adding details to your knitting to enhance your positive features. I was sitting next to Someone Annoying. A chair kicker. Who kept moving the chair between us so it would make contact with me. I moved the chair behind us, and after the break found that she had moved the chair back so she could kick it more. She was about my age, wore her hair long but not styled, and was wearing a black floral dress with black anklets. In August. So, Maureen Mason Jamison goes around the room, and tells each individual person what their best feature was. I found the person next to me to be so unappealing, I was wondering what the hell Maureen would say when she got to her. I don't remember what she said, because I was also mortified that she was going to say something about me. When she got to me, she said "you have really beautiful hair." It had just been cut and colored, so I thought, okay, I believe it. At that time I had a really great stylist. She would have dreams about what color she was going to do my hair, and how she was going to cut it. People I knew started going to her because of my hair. Sadly, I had to let her go this past summer because she stood me up for appointments two weeks in a row. I went to a shop in my neighborhood that could do my hair, and shape my eyebrows (some shops don't do both). My new stylist, Amy, really hit it with this last cut. It's layered so it just falls perfectly. I don't spend time blow drying my hair, so the shape has to be cut into it. The person who is ultimately responsible for my good hair is the Man. I used to wear it super short, and he convinced me to grow it out a little. The Man is opinionated when it comes to hair and clothing. I'll hear, "don't let anyone see you in that!" on occasion, and it usually involves a poncho. I don't think he's big on shawls either. I'm coming around to think that maybe he's right about the poncho thing.

I'm working on some homework for a crochet workshop I'm taking on Sunday. Four 6 X 6 swatches and a scarf, which I'm doing on my machine. I'm so glad I have that thing. At the workshop, I'm purchasing some Philosopher's wool from Ms. Sweetfigs for the Lucky Penny stash. The colors are in the swatch above. I'm thinking about letting some sock yarn and some yarn from the personal stash find new homes. I've got to get real about what I'm actually going to use.

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