Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Hope It's Not True

I got a comment on the blog a few days ago, from another woman who knits for her dogs, and she said "there's not many of us out there!" I'm a little freaked out that I'm working on a book that no one will buy, and within weeks goes out of print. I had some plans for those royalty checks, let me tell you. First and foremost, a house of my own. A Wisconsin house, if I can talk the Man into it. I have this fantasy of extended weekends in my Wisconsin house, it can be the new Lucky Penny studio, and working the day job from a small city apartment. I've got a few ideas for Doggie Knits book two, or some patterns in pdf format. Is there really no customer?
Am I just a middle aged woman who loves her dog?


Bente said...

Well, if I and that other knitter buy your book, you've already sold 2 :)
I really need a good book, there are so many bad ones. I bought "knits for dogs and cats", and there were nothing there that I would make my dog wear.

Janelle said...

I don't have a dog, but I was at my LYS about a month ago in the book section, and a woman was there looking for a book of knitted dog patterns. The LYS only had a book with crocheted ones. So there's one more person who would buy it!

IronIrish said...

I have 2 chihuahuas and I love knitting sweaters for them. Doggie knitting's my favorite! I can't wait for your book. I love your designs, they're cute and practical. I am definitly going to buy it!