Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Blaming the Pear Martini

I'm working on the dog sweater swap piece, and ready to change over to my larger size needles. I knit on the loose side, and use a lot of worsted weight yarns. The needle I use to achieve an 18/24 gauge is usually a US 6, and I prefer a circular, and usually Addi Turbos. I stopped using straight needles a few years ago, for comfort and portability. Working on multiple projects on size 6 needles, I find myself having to buy more. So, my needle collection has a disproportionate number of this size, but I still don't have enough. The choices are, to finish a project to free up a needle, or go to my convenience store to buy another. Usually the store wins.
A couple weeks ago, I was going to the 7-Eleven for a Big Girl Knits trunk show, and martinis were going to be served. The trunk show didn't make it to the event, but the libations did. I'm trying to make an effort to Respect the Stash. I'm trying to knit through it. I'm not going to be perfect, and I want to buy what I want at fiber shows, or if I see something for a specific project. But at the shop that evening, after the one modest pear martini that went straight to my head, I said, "show me what's new!" Always a dangerous proposition. It's Dream in Color Handpaints, from a local company. I cast on for something Ribby. The top part will be a lovely purple handpaint. This will be a great project to feature for the last part of the Project Spectrum line up, and with all the other things in the works, I might not get to finishing this until the end of summer. I normally am not a fan of the superwash wool, but this stuff is different. It feels like it's going to hold up with wear and washings. This yarn looks like it would pass the dog sweater test, but I'm making an effort not to add to the Lucky Penny stash. I need to be creative with what I have. And, whatever they use to wash this Dream in Color stuff smells heavenly.
We're back tonight from a day trip to Wisconsin. So, the Man got away with not clearing the pile of newspaper next to the bed that's now taller than the bed. Of course we had to stop at the Welcome Center after we crossed the state line so he could pick up another 10 pounds of travel brochures. This will be repeated multiple times this year, I would imagine. He's darling, but I have a real nut on my hands.

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