Thursday, February 15, 2007

Luv at Lucky Penny's

Valentine's day at the Lucky Penny household. The Man gets cake, and valentines from me and Piccolo. My card is always of the R rated variety, and the sweet one is always from the dog. Except when Penny was here. She didn't really like the Man, so I would always alter the card to reflect it, or just write "I don't like you much" in the card on her behalf. It always got a chuckle from the Man. Tonight we scrapped plans to go out to dinner, too cold, and I had a good parking spot on the street that I didn't want to give up. We ordered in Chinese food, ate cake, and the Man was asleep at 9 pm. I always tell him he sleeps as much as an infant. Really. He logs in about 10-11 hours. I watched my new reality television guilty pleasure, The Girls Next Door. It's about the three playmates who live in the Playboy Mansion. It's really amusing. One of tonight's episode featured a Pekingese who got a birthday party, and was dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the Mansion's Easter party, so it was right up my alley. And, I finished a pair of socks. Socks That Rock heavyweight, color Fred Flinstone. The pattern used was Step Ladder by Pamela Pascal Rush, Three Trails Handknit Designs. I modified the pattern to leave the foot plain, so it would be more comfortable in my shoes.
I've known for some time that there are Others out there who have the same desire to dress dogs in knitted items. One lives in Norway, and has a retail website and a blog. Bente reads my blog, and I look at hers. Not knowing the language, I just look at the photos! She made and interesting proposal today. An international dog sweater swap! She's doing a sweater with a traditional Norwegian motif, which I love. I'm doing a sweater for her miniature pinscher, Geisha. I want to use yarns that are locally based, and things that she probably would have a hard time finding in Norway. I'm thinking yarns like Lorna's Laces, Blackberry Ridge, Cape Cod Fibers. I'm going stash diving to come up with a surprise! This is my first swap ever, and I find the idea just delightful.

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