Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Blue Confession

After every thing I've knit, I have to confess, that this is my favorite sweater. Knit flat, with a modified drop shoulder. It's over sized, but just perfectly so. The yarn in some vintage Annabel Fox Aran that I found on ebay. The color is a lovely blue/gray. The pattern was interpreted from one in Fall 2000 Knitters, modified to use one of my favorite stitch patterns, k1 tbl, p1, across on RS, p across WS. I think I knit this sweater six years ago. It's got some wear, but just a lovely, cozy patina. This photo looks like my body is still in it, I think. I retired it for a while, because I was never satisfied with how I knit the neckband. Rooting thorough the Lucky Penny stash (I have three stashes--one L.P., one personal, one sock), I found some left over yarn, and a few weeks ago, knit a new neck band. I had also stretched out the sleeves, so I shortened them a bit. Since it's gotten bitterly cold here the sweater has gotten a lot of wear. It's not too bulky to get under my wool coat, fortunately. I've even worn it to bed a few times. The Man is now eyeing it for his own use. Not a chance!
We're snowed in here at the Lucky Penny household. I was not going to drive 20+ miles to work one way with blowing, drifting snow all day. The Man went out for a few hours, then gave up, and now is back here. I'm working on a new dog sweater design, and, believe it or not, something for people!


Nitesh Gautam said...

Sweater is looking very pretty. It is beautiful.

I love hand-knitted sweaters like anything. In fact I always wore hand-knitted sweaters by my mother in my childhood.

But with time, I switched over to the machine ones because of some attraction for them and also I wanted to shred out some workload from my aging working mummy (without telling her) and sometimes, I miss those sweaters veryyyyyyyyy much :(. My mummy still gifts me sweaters sometimes in years although I have strictly refused her to do knitting. She is so sweet.

I wanted to confess sometime at somewhere about thoughts behind what I did. Thanks for providing this space :).

Chris said...

Hi Penny! I really, really like the blue sweater! It's all comfy, cozy looking!