Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Forgotten Sweater

A few nights ago, coming home from work, the Man wanted me to drive him to some of his job sites. With the temperature down into negative double digits, I was fine with leaving Piccolo at home for this trip. The Man said he would be waiting at the door with her. "Not without a sweater!" I said. So, out of the sweater pile he pulled the Unfinished Object, and was waiting for me with Piccolo wearing the sweater with all the ends to be woven in hanging out. When I asked him why he chose that one, he said it was because it looked like the easiest to get on. I suppose it was because the neck was loose and floppy. I was experimenting, maybe four years ago with this sweater. I used Cherry Tree Hill wool/mohair worsted weight, color Cabin Fever for the body, knit in a shaker rib. The bands are Cascade 220, color not remembered, and the bands are Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. The fur collar is wool, and while I like the look and texture, I was not satisfied with how it made the neck loose. So, the sweater was cast aside until a few nights ago when I thought about fashioning some sort of cowl/dickey for it. I would use the purl bumps on the inside where the neck band and body meet to pick up stitches. When I couldn't find the Cascade 220 in my stash to match, I got the idea to use the cashmere and polwarth blend left over from another project. I used a k1 p1 rib, on size 5 needles, and worked about four inches. We don't have a lifestyle where an all cashmere sweater would be a good idea. Piccolo walks on a city street more often than she's carried in a bag, so I need a sweater that can take a beating. I do like the idea of a little soft cashmere around her neck. I have plenty of cashmere/polwarth left, so I'll do this again.


Laura said...

You could rent out your man to go through people's stashes and find hidden gems!

As always, love pics of the little girl

Marcia Hoeck Steger said...

I've been searching blogs most of the day to find knitters who knit for their dogs -- just out of curiosity and kinship, I guess, and to know I'm not alone. There are not that many of us!

Beautiful sweaters. And I like your little girl, too.