Saturday, February 10, 2007

So, What are You Looking At?

That's right. It's a Saturday night, and I'm writing a post. I sort of don't understand why bloggers take weekends off. Are their lives way more exciting than mine? Well, perhaps they are. It's easier to post on a weekend, I've found. If we're not on the road in Wisconsin, we're at home on a Saturday night, usually. This afternoon, the Man, out and about, called to tell me he was coming home early because "there's no one to play with!" To which I replied, "I'm all you have left."
I'm working on lots of things, mostly personal at the moment, and cast on for another Tuscany Tank. After the Man and I emptied a Gladware container of Christmas treats, I thought it would make an excellent container to keep the yarn, which is worked all four colors essentially at one time, from getting into a tangled mess. I cut four holes into the lid, and it's secured with rubber bands.

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Laura said...

I've done that with shoeboxes, but the glad container is a better idea!

I have wondered the same thing about weekday bloggers, but the answer I usually get is because they blog from work.