Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Night Is American Idol On?

Most of the time, I feel that the Man and I are out of touch when it comes to popular culture. American Idol, for example. I've never seen it. I have no interest in it. The same goes for Gray's Anatomy. I've never seen it. I have no interest in it. I have no interest in medical dramas at all. The job I have to pay the bills is in the health care field, and I have a hard time seeing physicians in any sort of sugar coated or romantic way, and it doesn't matter how cute Patrick Dempsey is (is it me, or has he gotten better with age?). I'm just cynical that way. I'm not crazy about pop music, and I could not comment about Britney Spears' or Jessica Simpson's bodies of work. I will say that the few times I've seen Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live, I think that he's the real deal. A real Entertainer. Most of the time in my car, I have a news station or progressive talk on. It might be different if the CD player in the car worked properly, but I live with it.
What I am in touch with, is the knitting culture. If the Man is watching some financial show on tv, I'm probably at the computer lurking on some blog. I know who's knit what, who's working on what book, who's editing what magazine, etc. Maybe too much.
I guess I missed this part on Oprah, I must have been out of the room refilling my coffee. She had a show last week where the topic was aging. Sort of relevant to me. Nora Ephron said that older women knit and crochet because they're sexually frustrated. All I can say is that my knitting gets set aside plenty to take care of other matters.

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Kniterella said...

Maybe the knitters and bloggers of knitting are the REAL American Idols!