Sunday, May 06, 2007

Alternative Sheep and Wool Festival 2007

Let's take another look at the flock, along with the herding Pekingese. This is a portion of my collection of vintage mohair animals from Steiff. Maybe this is the year I make it to one of the big festivals. I don't consider Michigan to be very big, and my time there is usually limited because of the Man's short attention span, and how we always forget about the change in time zones. But, my KIP group is formulating a plan for Rhinebeck this fall. I need to devise a painless plan to save my pennies. I guess this will make up for not really doing much at Stitches Midwest this year.

The Mafia presented a great show, that no one came to. The space was really nice, but the location, rather questionable. I think the date was an issue as well. We're having a post-mortem on Thursday evening. I sold a few pieces out of my personal stash, and pretty much socialized and laughed my head off with the other members. I gotta say, that is one delightful group.
I have to get a few revisions done for the technique section of the book done tonight. True to form, I've procrastinated. I only hope that the editors pay as much attention to the designs as they have to this one chapter. Truly, I didn't anticipate that someone would learn to knit using the Doggie Knits book.
Here's a progress report on what's on the needles for my wardrobe:
Central Park Hoodie: 20%. The back is finished.
Cabled Cardigan: 80% knit. I'm almost done with the second sleeve, and have the yoke left to knit.
Lace vest: Pictures to follow. In Hemp for Knitting Cashmere Canapa. 50% done. Design is from Louisa Harding's book. It's the only design I really wanted to make from this $30 book.
Catronia vest from Debbie Bliss' Rialto book. 10% done. I cast on this weekend.
At her last grooming, Sandy suggested that I have my vet examine Piccolo's ears, as she suspected that there had been some scratching going on. Before we left for Wisconsin, I noticed that her left ear was kind of red and inflamed. So, it turns out that Piccolo has a yeast infection in both her ears. I'm now treating it with some medicated drops. Piccolo is not cooperative with this, and her ears look pretty greasy. I'm a crummy dog mom for letting things go on as long as I did. Moving forward, I'm going to clean her ears out on a regular basis.


Chris said...

That just cracks me up!!!! Wool festival indeed! You are making the Central Park hoodie???? yay! I like that cardigan so much, I was wondering if it could be made out of Abundance? what do you think? Chris

Corinne said...

The Central Park in Abundance? I think it would be fantastic!