Monday, May 07, 2007

The Alternative Boyfriend

The thing that's missing in my relationship for the Man is the knitting. I've mentioned this before. He just doesn't get it. The sweater I made for him ten years ago only gets worn on the rare holiday. I knit him socks five years ago that have never been worn. They're grey, baby Ull, and are ribbed to fit perfectly. He says he doesn't want to wear them out. I've told him that he should wear them out, and then I can make him more. I want him to experience Hand Knit Socks. Isn't it true that there's nothing else that feels as good knitwear-wise? I can only hope that the dog sweaters fit so good. My feet are happy in wool. I don't understand why wool gets retired in summer, because I've found that my feet don't sweat in wool. I just wanted to impart happy feet to the Man. So, to satisfy my lust to knit for man, I've chosen my alternative boyfriend, seen here in front of his building, in my second adopted home town/state (now behind Wisconsin). I'm making him socks that are making me swoon, they're so nice, using my beloved Mountain Colors Weavers Wool, and a stitch pattern culled from Knitting Vintage Socks. My alternative boyfriend will love the colors (he's not afraid of color), and I'm sure will carefully hand wash these socks, because he's like that. He's been having some rough times lately, and I want to send some knitted love his way. Fortunately for me, he wears the same size shoe as the Man, so I can use the Man's neglected socks as the template. I'll bet you can't wait to see the pictures.
So, I totally miscalculated writing the line art captions. Multiple steps for 40+ techniques. I'm more than half way through, so hopefully tomorrow can send them off.

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