Thursday, May 24, 2007

Boyfriend Socks

Thanks for the kind words about Doggie Knits. I had thought it would be out in time for a milestone birthday, and I could do a combo book launch/birthday thing. My fear is that if I throw something like that, no one would show up. I love that photo I posted, the series with the two dogs, Zoey (the tiny one) and ZeeNa, are my favorites. I'm hoping that the art directors feel the same way and find the cover shot from that series. I'm totally in love with ZeeNa, the chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. Her big, soulful eyes, and the marking on her forehead that's heart shaped just kill me. It's difficult to photograph animals, let me tell you. It helped that we had a lot of them, and I had samples in many sizes. All the pets were found on the streets of San Francisco, or from Craig's List, or a posting I made to Pug Village. Piccolo did not model for the book, due to her general fearful nature, and the logistics of taking her to San Francisco and hiding her in a no pets allowed apartment. The project has been a lot of work, some still in progress as the editing moves forward, but I've learned a lot. I think that the next one, which I want to start working up, will be better.
The socks in progress, now past the gusset since this photo was taken, are Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters, color forgotten. I took the pattern stitch from Knitting Vintage Socks. They're for my friend, and photographer for the book, David.

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