Monday, May 28, 2007

639 Miles

That's how much I drove this weekend. Saturday night we spent at a beautiful LaQuinta in Madison, one of the nicest places we've stayed in. We never made it as far North as I had hoped, and we liked the hotel so much that we checked in again on Sunday. The main reason I chose it is after Monica's tip that they allow pets in nonsmoking rooms. I am forever grateful to her for it. After dinner on Sunday, we talked about a movie. I didn't want to leave Piccolo alone in the minivan for that long, so we rented a movie in the room. If you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine yet, the Man and I recommend it. A funny, quirky road trip movie, which was just what we were in the mood for.

The Man wants to go to Las Vegas for a few nights, and I've been searching for a package deal. I'm hoping the price will be a deterrent. I'm not interested in heat or gambling! I wonder, are there any knit shops near the strip?
The work in progress is a lace vest from Louisa Harding's book. I had seen it on Kim's blog, and purchased the book for this design. I'm using Cashmere Canapa, a cotton, cashmere, and hemp blend from Hemp for Knitting. I also have another in the works in AllHemp 6, and a third is planned in a alpaca, merino and silk blend from Briar Rose Fibers.

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Kniterella said...

Isn't that book great! I like the way they divided the patterns into yarn weight. Your shawl is beautiful - the pattern is lovely.