Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meeting the Neighbors, Carmen Ave. Style

I'm home, about to mix up some brownies to bake for the Man. Breaking my rule about the summer and not having the oven on. The doorbell rings. Neighbors, who I just met tonight, thinking that the little stray dog they found was mine. This is not the first time a little stray has found a way to my doorstep. Isn't it odd? A male Shih Tzu, with a collar and rabies tag on. No identification to be seen. In the best case scenario, he's microchipped. In the second best case, the neighbors three doors down who found him will find a way to make him part of their family. He's not here because it would be a disaster with Piccolo. I loaned a leash, and gave them some food for him. Now, I've checked web sites, all of the shelters say what to do if you've lost your dog, but not what to do if you find a stray. It appears that the best plan would be to take him to Animal Care and Control, because hopefully that would be the first place the owner looks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this little one.

I love vintage art with dogs. I made this discovery on Lincoln Ave, when on a walk. That's right. I'm trying to fit in some exercise. Not always successful. This advertisement for margarine must be 80+ years old. It was revealed when the building next to it came down to make way for some new condo construction. Soon it will be hidden again, for who knows how long. It makes me happy that I'm able to enjoy it for a little while.

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