Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scenes from a Weekend

The Lucky Penny family visits Fontana, Wisconsin. Me, on the screen porch, knitting a sweater for Piccolo, using some Cape Cod Fibers Lobster Pot. The Man, napping in the guest room. Nice room, isn't it? It's a lovely vintage quilt on the little mahogany bed. My mom has great taste in decorating and is a very tidy housekeeper. She is a pro at arranging furniture and accessorizing a room. No formal training, just an innate skill.

I learned some things regarding finding lost pets today. In Cook County, they keep records of what animal hospital rabies tags are sold to. So after checking with the county, the animal hospital can hopefully help you find the owner. I passed this information along to my neighbor. The little dog has a 2006 rabies tag on his collar, and nothing else. I'm getting the impression that she's really enjoying her time with this little dog. I know that she gave him a bath yesterday. The other alternative is the city pound, called Animal Care and Control. They told me that after a 5 to 7 day hold, presumably to give the owner a chance to find him, the dog becomes property of the city, for them to do with as they please. Which sounds kind of scary. My neighbor did not really like this idea very much.

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sweetfigs said...

I'm with The Man, I'd probably chose napping in that pretty bed over knitting on the patio.

Your neighbor should definitely keep that dog -- giving it to Animal Care & Control is a death sentence. Did she try to find out if the puppy is microchipped? The vet has a wand that reads the chip.