Friday, June 01, 2007

Oh, Yes I Am

I can't leave something this good alone. It started with an attempt to knit another design, Eileen from No Sheep for You. It's really cute, all bidness in front, and a party in back. It's worked in Louet worsted weight linen, which was a total pain to knit on a size 2 needle. Way too stiff to endure working it to completion, even for that much style. So, I took it down. Then I swatched to see what the linen would be like worked double on a size 11 needle. So, I could do a summer Rosebud. A Linen Rosebud. It looks a little misshapen now, but the washing machine will make everything good. It's close to completion.

I checked in with my neighbor, and the dog and owner have been reunited. His home is three doors east of me, in a new house on the street. The Man was inside the house, and saw evidence of a baby, but didn't recall evidence of a dog. The owner confessed to my neighbor that the dog has been neglected since the baby's arrival. Can you imagine how crazy that makes me? I didn't see them rushing around the street like nuts looking for him, either. I would be a total maniac if Piccolo went missing. So, a not so happy ending for the dog, whose name I think is Titi. I'll keep an eye out for him. I'm pretty sure this situation will repeat.

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Kniterella said...

OOOH, a linen Rosebud sounds like a great idea. I know you'll let us know how it develops. I've looked at that pattern as well. If Darby or Lucy aren't in the room with us, I panic! They are very social.