Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home Spinning the Wheels

My cabled vest progresses along. I haven't knit past where it was when I took the picture last week, so here's something in somewhat real time. With all the other stuff I'm working on, it's actually going pretty fast. Have I said this before? For some reason, cables seem to knit faster for me.

I'm thinking about the next round of shows. Country Living is now going to be on some property in mid Ohio in October. They dropped the price, but when you tack on the travel expenses, it would work out to more. I paid a lot of money last year to be in a mud puddle for four days, with only a hint of editorial attention, which I ended up never getting. So, as of today, I'm ruling it out. I'm not doing the One of a Kind, because the price to be in it is three times what I paid last year as an Emerging Artist, and I just covered my expenses at that one. I'm thinking about the Renegade again. I must admit, it did open a lot of doors for me in regards to other big shows. It's going to be a part of a street fair on Division street instead of in Wicker Park. Logistics may be a problem here. I'm going to drive by the neighborhood to check out the parking situation. I've ruled out the Rockwell Crossing Art Walk. It's on the street with no sun protection, and I got pretty sick after the last one I was in. I am applying to one in July, details to follow if I get accepted. I'll be in good company if I get in, even though it somewhat breaks my new rule about trying to sell a wool sweater in summer. There must be someone out there that plans ahead.
I think the Man is disappointed that we're home this weekend. I needed the rest.

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