Friday, May 11, 2007

Twisting in the Wind

I can tell that I'm going to be glad when Memorial Day weekend rolls around. I have some extra assignments at work until July, and already it's kicking me in the hiney. I'm aching to do something creative. It feels like I'm stalled on lots of works in progress, and I'm itching to start some new stuff. I'm still behind on photos of my works in progress. This photo doesn't show Piccolo sporting her new hair look. The medication for the yeast infection made her ears incredibly greasy, so the hair on her ears was cut short. She looks like a puppy now.
I don't know what the deal is with my knees. I banged into a desk at work, so the right is bruised, but they both ache and it feels like I have a charley horse in the back of both. So, I'm kind of irritable right now.
I think a lot of people I know went downtown tonight for the Looptopia event. Too much humanity for me, and the project the Guild was promoting (a boa!) just sounds silly. It would also be too much exposure to an obnoxious personality that I've been avoiding.
I'm happy to have the two next days with no real plans. The Man is talking about Wisconsin this weekend, probably Fontana, and I'm up for that.
Next week is going to be a lot of distance driving for work. Not looking forward to it.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you wouldn't have enjoyed the knitting thing at Looptopia. It was in a small room that was totally packed. It was unbearably hot in there and there was nowhere to sit. I stayed long enough to say hi to Dana and Karen, then I bailed.

Bente said...

Hi, Corinne.
Geisha got her puppies today! 1 girl, 3 boys and all is well :)
And I got my shapely shawlette pattern, finally!