Friday, June 08, 2007

Kinsey Report

This week was all about the book. Worked on editing a 96 page manuscript, sent to my editor, now 65 pages are coming back at me for another go around this weekend. I saw proofs for the photography, and some of my favorite dogs were left out. I really don't want to disappoint the dogs' people. So, I've gone through my files to find some to try to squeeze in. This is one. Robrex Kinsington, aka Kinsey, the "foundation bitch" (breeders' terms, not mine) for a Chinese Crested kennel. She's a beauty. This breed is a perfect candidate for a sweater wardrobe. I learned something about book printing--pages are in multiples of 16. So, from what I understand, the space is limited unless they can stretch the project out to 112.

A few days ago I was mad at the Man. So mad, I was searching out jobs in California. Mad enough to inspire him to clean out the many years of newspapers accumulated under the bed. He brought in the shop vac to suck up the dust. No wonder we were sneezing. All is forgiven after yesterday. I'm at home, and he calls from the alley. He has the dog that the neighbors with the baby lost last week. I ran out with a leash, and took him back to his house. The people answered the door, and almost appeared disappointed that he was back. He was left in the yard, unsupervised. "I don't know how he got out," the neighbor said. I was about to get all judgemental on her, because regarding pets, I am. But I held back. These people wouldn't get it any way. The Man and I agree that this situation will repeat until the little dog is either stolen or killed. This is what I love--the Man didn't always get it about dogs. Now he does. Before me, he would have just let the dog run free, and maybe mentioned that he saw him days later. He's really come around. The next time the little dog is out, I'm going to take him, and help him find a loving home.

Tomorrow is worldwide KIP day. I'm not that much of a crowd person, even though lots of people I really like will be there, and I had already made plans for my Saturday afternoon. My hair stylist is moving back to Vermont, so tomorrow would be my last opportunity to have her cut and color my hair. I'm thinking it's going to be shorter. There's a lot of hair, and it gets hot under all of it.

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