Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Kind of Road Trip

It's been some kind of month. Work has been demanding, and not in a good way. The book is now very close to deadline where it moves forward again in the production process. Combine that with my usual demands of a high maintenance Man, and a needy pet, and there's the makings of a meltdown. And, the heat! I just want to hibernate all summer in a cool dark room with some icy cold liquids until it's safe to come out in wool again.

Even with a late start, this was a welcome trip. We had made it through heavy traffic to the expressway only to find that I had forgotten my Illinois Tollway transponder in my usual car. Not having it would have made the drive a total nightmare, so we went back for it, and decided on a different route to avoid the Kennedy Expressway traffic. We ended up in Madison again for the night, in the same hotel that I like. Looking through the tourist information, I found a listing for a yarn shop that I had known about. I checked the hours for Sunday. The Man must have been in a really good mood, because he indulged me, and was perfectly agreeable for me to stop there on our way out of town. I had driven in Madison enough to know just how to get there, or maybe I have a homing device when it comes to finding yarn.


Marji said...

I started scrolling down the blog, scanning and looking at the pics, then did a whoa! moment - I know that store, it's the one I met Elizabeth in last August up in Madison WI...yup, sure is.
They were just putting in their Cascade 220 wall with all the colors. Nice yarn store in a lovely setting.

Angela said...

I've heard about this shop. Hmmm...my husband's firm has an office in Madison. Perhaps I need to go on the next business trip!

Thanks for your comment. Yep, I think I made the right decision. I'm starting to feel the weight being lifted day by day.