Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Random Meltdown

Oh, how I wish for August, when this project will likely be completed. This is one of my favorite designs from the book. I'm not too fearful of posting what you can see of it here--if someone puts together a pattern and publishes it before the book is out, I will just have to hunt you down.
The sweaters I've designed are not for beginners, and this is one of the more complex ones. Also the most fun and satisfying. The pattern has written instructions about how to make the diamonds, and a chart illustrating how to put them together. Later, I added photography of the techniques for creating the diamonds. I'm trying to explain all this to someone who knits, but has never knit from a pattern.
Regarding all the colors, I used self striping yarn to create the color blocks. I also think that someone can put together something spectacular using just scraps, and I didn't get into where exactly to place the colors, because it is random.

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