Friday, June 15, 2007

Piccolo Makes Some Friends

There's a Big Dog that lives upstairs. He's a Border Collie, older and very gentle. When he comes down the stairs, and my apartment door is a barrier, Piccolo behaves like a maniac. She growls, and throws her little body into the door. This morning, she was doing her "bidness" in the back yard. The gate opens, and the Big Dog slowly walks in. Piccolo stands underneath him, and wags her tail. Very gentle sniffing between the two of them, with no aggression from either party. I'm sure when he comes down the stairs tonight, it will be back to the usual.
Today I'm walking Piccolo on the street. A woman parks her car across the street from us, and gets out of her car. Piccolo stops walking. Won't move. She's looking at this woman who's holding a bag. Wagging her tail, like she wants to be friends. Piccolo normally doesn't want any people other than me and the Man. Then, I notice the bag. It's Popeye's chicken.


sweetfigs said...

Piccolo's a little discriminating about who she will call a friend.

Corinne said...

If you're holding chicken, chances are really good. As long as you have the chicken.

BertandFelix said...

Piccolo knows what she Man...and chicken....I am sure in that order too. :)