Monday, July 30, 2007

Apparently, All Roads Lead to Madison

We're on a road trip in Wisconsin this past weekend, and going West on Highway 60. It's getting to be early evening, and we're thinking about lodgings. "You know where we're near!" said the Man. So, back in the same hotel. With a bigger room, but a small bed! Part of the road trip fun is that king sized bed.
There's so much buzz in the Lucky Penny world. Potential month long show in August, and some things I'm applying for in October. I'm in two shows in November, and applying to a December show. It's shaking up to be a busy autumn. I'm in this groove of knitting for me, that I've taken a little vacation from Lucky Penny. And, August, of course is a big month for fiber--Stitches Midwest is next week, and Michigan Fiber Festival the following. I'm so eager to knit wool stuff again. I'm finishing up another linen top, and that's it for non animal fibers for the season.
Piccolo knows what's good. She's snuggled up to some Briar Rose Fibers Abundance, left over from a vest I made earlier this year. Behind her you can see a sweater I've been working up using my leftovers.

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sweetfigs said...

Gotta love Wisconsin on these hot hot summer days!

Piccolo looks like she's not going anywhere for a while.