Monday, July 23, 2007

The Omission

I wrote a short, really short, bio for the book this morning. At the end, I stated where I reside and who I reside with. I left one out. I decided that perhaps I should exclude the Man because I didn't want someone not to purchase the book because they didn't approve of my lifestyle. Which is not so unusual, unless you live in Kansas maybe. I'm not married to the Man. I have nothing against a good marriage. I would be married to the Man, but it's his choice to have things this way. We've been together longer than a lot of marriages at this point, so I suppose that gives the arrangement some dignity. I'm sure that he won't really care about being left out of it.
I had a lot of fun this past weekend at the show, but not a lot of sleep. My stash sale went pretty well, and helped fund lunches, beverages, and some purchases. No photos yet. I'll give a more detailed run down of the event in a upcoming post, including some musings about someone trying to get me to come over to the dark side (spinning).

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