Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Need to Be Kinder to My Brain

For the last two days I was in another knitting workshop, this time taught by Sally Melville. Learned a bunch of stuff. Lots of discussion regarding the proper fit of a sweater, and how to wear it with your wardrobe to best advantage. Lots of discussion regarding the creative process. Did you know that most dream activity, essential to the process, occurs between hours 6 and 7 of sleep? I usually get much less than that. The Man normally gets between 8 and 10. Sleeps like an infant, I say. Plays hard, and sleeps deep. It takes a lot of energy to be silly. I'm up late because I'm more productive late, which is not normal, and like some quiet alone time before going to bed. I'm so into the groove of staying up late, when I tried to go to bed early for the fiber festival last month, I just tossed and turned until my usual sleep time.
Some more things learned. Sally designs some dynamite stuff. I own all her books, and the last one, Color, just glanced over. Having a chance to see the knitted garments in the book, I gave the book some real scrutiny. There's some really great things that I want to make! I think lots got lost with the styling and photography. Those things really need to convey how the designer sees the item being worn, and what wardrobe pieces look best with the knitted garments. Which is why, I suppose, when those elements are sadly out of your control, trunk shows are essential.
I had an idea for a new sweater that presented with some problems. I solved the problem in my mind, then quickly forgot. I need to sleep longer tonight. Just like my bod needs some more tlc these days, so does my brain.

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Angela said...

Isn't Sally Melville amazing? I have such a knitting crush on her! I took her Creativity class at Stitches last year and thought it was fantastic. I, too, am struggling with sleep issues. I'm now on my third prescription sleep med and about to try #4 tonight. Sheesh.