Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm the One with the Good Hair

Tomorrow is my Stitches Midwest day! For the past few years, I treat it like a vacation. Shopping, leisure, and good eats. I love that I can find things there that I don't see locally. I have plenty of time to do a once around, then make some purchasing decision. After shopping, I'm meeting some knitting friends at Gibson's for a big piece of steak. Any cut of meat there is huge, even with ordering the smallest thing on the menu. I hope they have banana cream pie there tomorrow. It's deadly.
Yesterday I got my hair cut just in time for the Chicago Tribune shoot tonight. I have a new stylist at the same salon in my neighborhood. I love what he did with the cut, and I think he will do something that I like with the color. I want it to have dimension and layers of color like my Briar Rose Wistful scarf. Tomorrow, I think I'll wear the linen vest, back pictured above. I'm only going to be at Stitches tomorrow, because this weekend is for driving a stir-crazy Man all over the state of Wisconsin.

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