Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pressure's Down

I went for a follow up appointment at the doctor's today. The blood pressure is still high, but just the systolic now. The diastolic, or bottom number, is normal. The miracle of chemistry. Something had to be done immediately, as it would take months for lifestyle changes to have any effect. And, I feel better. Talking about it, I've found out that a number of friends have the same affliction, and some have been medicated for a few or more years. I've joined the club.
I've been confirmed for a fiber event in Michigan at the end of October. I'm not confident that I can get the Man to make the trip with me. He would not be happy tethered to my display during show hours. I'm working on a new design, sort of sparked by the past weekend. I'm hoping I'll have a pattern ready for the event!
I'm trying to be mellow about this--but Thursday I have to go downtown to meet other members of the Chicago Craft Mafia for photos that will be in an article for the Chicago Tribune. As most of my friends know, I avoid having my picture taken at all costs. I'm totally not photogenic. I've only looked at my passport photo twice, and have never let the Man see it. Thankfully the passport will expire shortly. So I'm going to get my hair cut, and try to put on a happy face for Thursday. The sacrifices I make for Lucky Penny!

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