Thursday, August 30, 2007

It Is What It Is

If you've arrived here by way of a Chicago Tribune article, hello there. Chances are you are a regular reader who doesn't get the paper. Believe me, my server is not in danger of crashing because of additional hits. There was an article about the Chicago Craft Mafia and the Renegade Craft Fair in the Tribune today. I'll say that it was a great thing for the Mafia, and I'm thrilled for my fellow members who got featured. This shot is of the lovely Michelle Dortch having her portrait done. Now, with that being said, I had some wishes for myself that were not realized. No mention of my website or book, or even the name of my business. I was relieved that my portrait was not chosen, given my phobia about photographs. I really didn't want to be seen by someone who may have known me long ago, for them to think that time was not kind to me. I'm in a group photo that I thought would be a feature. You really can't see what we're all doing in it, which is too bad, because it's a funny shot, and all you can see of me is my freshly coiffed hair, which does look smashing thanks to my new stylist, David. Here's another weird omission. Everyone's age was mentioned except for mine. I'm substantially older than the rest of the Mafia. Here's the thing--I was invited to belong to the Craft Mafia. It was because of the quality of my work, not because I fit into some demographic. To be left out because I was older is against what the group stands for. So the article is what it is. I'm mentioned in the paper. It won't amount to anything.

So, I'm home from work last night, and there it is. As I expected. I'm LuckyPenny on Ravelry! It's going to be such a terrific resource and data base. It already is. You (I) could get lost in there looking at everyone's projects. It makes me want to knit more, more, more.

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Kniterella said...

Congrats on your Ravelry! ...what were you all doing in the photo that did not clearly show the action? I saw a 'Doggie Knits' book advertised and made sure it was/was not yours - I'm waiting patiently!