Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'll Be The One Begging

Today was a string of missed communications. I missed some phone calls and e-mail, and was stuck at work on a deadline, so didn't have access to phone numbers. I ended up having someone terribly inconvenienced, and I feel so embarrassed. To continue the missed communications, all I could do tonight when I got home was to leave a voice mail apology. What a mess.
This is Piccolo trying her best to get the Man's egg sandwich.
I've been thinking about that age thing again. Perhaps I'm just sensitive, but it seems to me that because the Tribune article was written by a 20-something intern, there was a bias against the more mature artist. Let me just say that some of the most amazing fiber artists that I know personally or by reputation are pretty well beyond forty. Some are proud to call themselves grandmas even. Being creative or hip is not specific to a certain demographic. So, I'm just going to get older, look older, and be more creative and productive. If my health holds out, we're looking at three or four more decades of knitted art.

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Laura said...

She has her best face on, too. How could he resist that?

Things get better with age, and that includes our skills and creativity. Unfortunately, it takes age and wisdom to see that, so the kid who wrote the article may not realize it for a while.