Monday, August 27, 2007

Knit Therapy

I stayed home from work today, just to get a breather. I'll be working until next Monday wrapping things up at month's end. We were in Wisconsin over the weekend, driving next to rivers that looked like a glass so full that if it got one more drop of water, they would flood the streets. On the way home, after dark, our usual route was detoured because of standing water. We were on a rural road that we had never traveled, with lots of winding turns, high speeds, and very little light except for the full moon. Add a Wal-Mart truck barreling down on me, and you have tension. I was almost as frightened as I was a few weeks ago when I was driving home in a construction zone after dark and the barricades appeared to get narrower as I moved forward. So, today I just felt not good in a non specific way.
Of course nothing soothes like my knitting. I'm still in the knit for me groove that I must get over quickly. This is another Rosebud, this time in Briar Rose Fibers Celebration, a new merino/bamboo blend. It's glowy.
I've been drooling over getting in to Ravelry. It's potential as a resource just appears to have no boundaries. So, I've been so envious of my friends who are already on. I can't even lurk! But, I now have 229 people in front of me for the invitation, and it seems that about 100 or so get an invite every day, so it looks like I'm close! I wonder if there's a group of dog sweater knitting enthusiasts.


sweetfigs said...

Feel better! You're bound to bounce back after a day knitting with Piccolo.

Sheri said...

Love that pattern and the color is beautiful. Just ordered the pattern.
Hope you feel better soon. The world does need to slow down a bit, and knit!
Sheri in GA

La Cabeza Grande said...

Corinne, saw you for all of 2 seconds at the Michigan fest. I see you walked away with the same fiber I did: Celebration! Lovely stuff, isn't it?