Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finding a Style

How do I define my personal style? Do I have one? Here's some facts:
1. I mostly dress in natural fibers.
2. I detest the smell of dry cleaning, so most items must be either machine or hand wash.
3. I prefer dark hose to sheer. No hose at all in summer, regardless of the lack of suntan on my legs.
4. When it comes to shoes, I go for comfort first. Now I wear Danskos exclusively.
5. I wear very little jewelery. On most days, just white or yellow gold hoop earrings. I have metal allergies, so I wear fine jewelery, and not costume. Except for a phase when I wore Bakelite dress clips. Costume jewelery that doesn't touch skin sometimes works.
6. My work dress style is mostly like my out of work style, casual. This includes wearing hand knit socks every day. I don't have the kind of life that requires a lot of formal or dress up clothes.
7. While I like the look of knitted lace, I'm not sure that I can wear it successfully (see #6). Which is why I've decided that I'm not a shawl person. This is a hard thing to admit, because I think that lace shawls are beautiful. I suppose with all the knitting I do, this admission sets me free from having to knit one eventually.
This is an alternative to a shawl that I think will work. Just a hint of lace. It's a Lacy Cable Shrug, knit with Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July. Two colors are worked alternatively for this lovely mottled blue and green effect. Just the sort of thing to throw on while I run Piccolo out to pee. Maybe no one will notice the pajamas I'm wearing underneath.

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Meg said...

You could wear a lace shawl as a sarong about your hips - Bonne Marie wears hers that way! Oh, and a big, fuzzy shawl of bulky yarn makes such comforting morning attire. :o)
What a smart Man you've got - to go back to Allegan! Definitely Superior.