Monday, August 20, 2007

The Cover Girl

For the last month, I've pretty much heard nothing from my editor. I called perhaps a week ago to see how things are going, and got the vibe that I was bothering her. She works on many projects in various stages of completion, so I not taking it personally. Lately, a lot of the information I've been getting on my book has been through sleuthing on my own. Like Googling my name and Doggie Knits. I downloaded an "untitled document" that was the Sterling Publishing fall catalog. In the catalog was a picture of my book cover. I had some ideas about what I wanted, and the cover isn't like that, but at the same time, I'm not unhappy. I like the photograph that was used, and the font for the book title. This is the image that was chosen for the cover. It's the Agnes sweater, a pullover with a paper bag neck treatment. The model is a Cairn Terrier named Bee, who was about thirteen years old when we did the shoot. Bee has a sweet little face, and I totally love old dogs. I'm happy for her owner, Trish Watson, who worked very hard at finding many models for the Doggie Knits photo shoot. It was so busy that afternoon, with all the dogs in the Harvey Milk Recreational Center, that I don't recall being in the studio when this was shot. This will be a lovely keepsake for Trish of her adorable little girl.
In the meantime, I'm wondering how I can get them to give me the cover on disc so I can have postcards made for my shows this fall.


Kniterella said...

Why do things take soo long? I love the cover photo and can't wait for the book. Actually, Darby and Lucy are really interested in the book - it will be getting cold here soon!

Laura said...

Aw, Bee is a doll baby! I think that would make a great cover.