Sunday, August 19, 2007

An Empty Wool House

These photos are from last year's Michigan Fiber Festival. I must confess that I only took two this year, of the Man standing outside the gate with the big rooster on it. We arrived late Saturday afternoon, after dropping Piccolo off to be boarded, and then a drive that seemed to take forever to get to Allegan. I've returned with even more Briar Rose Fibers. I'm a total glutton when it comes to that stuff. Yesterday, they were set up right before the animal displays, so it was the vendor I saw first. Pretty much all the money I spent was within the first ten minutes after arriving. I had to go back to the car with my bags before I saw the rest of the fest. I bought yarn for a sweater (with sleeves!), what I think will be another (!) Rosebud, this time in a merino/bamboo blend, and some wool/mohair for Lucky Penny.
The Man loves the alpacas. We've had conversations about getting some. And, how's this for a great boyfriend--after a night of driving rain in Grand Rapids that continued today, we concluded that we were not going to take a scenic drive home along the east shore of Lake Michigan. I suggested that we might as well go back to Allegan, and he agreed!