Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stay Away From the Frog

Never mind how delicate or fancy looking a dog is. They all still want to eat garbage, or roll in something disgusting. I had Piccolo up in a state park in Wisconsin, and while my eyes were off her, she was sniffing at a dead frog. The little snoot I kiss all the time touching dead frog.
Last night I saw an episode of American Masters on PBS. The subject was the life of Julia Child. She had her first book published at the same age that I am now. It makes me happy to know that the possibilty of a full and creative life after a half century exists. If I have to knit the stash before I go, I'm living to 150. Besides having good genetics, I think the other way to prolong your life is to stay interested in things. The Man has a few friends who are older, have absolutely no interests, and are miserable.
So, I was really exited to have the Super Merino purchased to knit a Norah Gaughan sweater that I mentioned in the last post. The yarn is navy. I realized yesterday that I just finished knitting (it still needs to be assmembled) a navy sweater. Sort of took the excitement away. The sweater will be a completely different style, however.
I guess Ann Arbor, MI, scene of October's Fiber Expo, is a hard town to find a hotel vacancy. I'm having a hard time, and the event is almost two months away.


Theresa said...

Ann Arbor is hard to find a hotel room on football weekends -- other weekends aren't so bad. Sounds like the Fiber Expo might be a football weekend. You might try looking in some of the surrounding towns: Ypsilanti, Saline, Chelsea, Dexter, Whitmore Lake to see if there are more rooms available in those areas.

Bonne Marie said...

Kissing a Frog -- what a princess...

I love the story about Ms. Child -- my dear, the mountain is much higher than we know -- we will both keep on climbing?? :)

Kniterella said...

My, my - you've been busy while I've been away. Glad to hear details about the fiber events. I was sorry to miss the Midwest. Are you a vendor at the Michigan FF this weekend?