Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Cosmic Conspiracy

Sometimes it's by devine design, I think, that things work so I don't make it somewhere, but I can't figure out why. Tonight, for instance. Headed north to home on an expressway where it's been under construction for two years. The traffic report says it's very congested downtown, so I take the exit to Lake Shore Drive. After I'm on the drive, I hear that traffic's backed up on it with people headed to a night Cubs game. So, I exit again downtown. I go shopping for dinner at the newly opened Whole Foods. I get back in the car to head home, and there's a downpour. I try to call home, but can't find the cell phone. I dig deep in my handbag, which at times like this, is very oversized, and can't find it. I get that sinking feeling that it has been lost somewhere between Whole Foods and my current location. Then it starts ringing. My ring tone is a cat's meow, because I think it's funny, and there isn't a ring tone that's a bark. The phone is somewhere in the car, and I can't find it. Then Western Avenue headed north is a parking lot. I turn to make a detour through a neighborhood, and the when I get to the CTA tracks, the gates are down, and won't go up. Cars are lined up behind me. I try to turn and the cars behind me won't back up. While we are all stopped, I get out of the car to try to look under the seats for the phone. In the meantime, it's meowed about five more times. I know that it's the Man trying to find me. I almost burst into tears. When I make it home, our street is flooded. The Man tells me that he was about to leave to look for me. He's out now looking in my car for the lost cell phone.
This weekend, we're going to the Michigan Fiber Festival, myself as a consumer. Although having the Man along will prove to be a deterrent to shopping.

Find Lucky Penny Sweaters at the Streeterville Pet Spa, 401 E. Ontario Street, Chicago, 60611. 312-787-7792. Just a few blocks away from Magnificent Mile shopping.


sturdygirl said...

oh, what a sucky evening! i hate when things like that happen...all at once, too. hope your street has de-flooded and that you managed to salvage something good about yesterday. hope to see you tonight!

Cece said...

Found you!!!

: )