Friday, August 17, 2007

Overcoming Fears

I have super ticklish feet. Mostly I can't stand having anyone touch them. I mostly think feet are kind of gross. Except for maybe the Man, who has soft baby feet that he does nothing to. I have callouses so thick that they can hurt. I'd been contemplating it for months, but today put my fears of ticklish feet aside to submit to a pedicure. I survived, with pink toes polished with a color with a sassy name: Making Love. I started knitting another Ribby Shell in Kureyon #195 during the pedicure to distract me. My stitch counts were so off, following the wrong size that it took two rounds to get things set up right. I showed my feet to the Man, who said they looked like they were bleeding. So, moving forward I'll continue with these treatments. Next up, I should attempt to overcome my other Big fear--the dentist. Something about big needles and bone just makes me cringe.
Tomorrow we're off to Michigan, and Piccolo gets boarded at the vet's. It will be the first time this summer that I've had to board her. I considered another place, that I'll identify if you e-mail me, but ruled it out after I saw the number of dogs in the kennels that pretty much barked non stop. I think that would freak Piccolo out. I was also put off by the fact that the place charges an extra fee if you want your dog played with or cuddled. At the vet's, the accommodations may not be luxe, but at least she's familiar with it, and knows some of the staff. What Piccolo usually does in that situation is go to the very back of the kennel, not move, and not make a sound, so no one knows she's there. The worst part about boarding is that we'll be home Sunday night, and I can't get Piccolo until Monday morning. That is why I was considering the other place.

I was looking for my own accommodations for the Fiber Expo in October. It's on a weekend where Minnesota is in Ann Arbor for a football game, so all the Ann Arbor hotels are booked to capacity. So, I had to go about 20 miles out. In a town called Plymouth. Looking over the map, I found a town named Hell not too far from Ann Arbor. I wanted to stay there--wouldn't it be a funny blog post, "My Night in Hell"? It appears that there are no hotels in Hell. It seems that the people of Hell have a sense of humor about the name--you would have to. They do things up around Halloween.

The photo is of the smallest police dog. I'm kind of intrigued by the uniform.

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BertandFelix said...

There use to be a bike ride through the town of Hell. I used to have a t-shirt that said "I rode through Hell."