Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ouch, Mommy

It was hot, and I was in a hurry to get these photos. It's Piccolo's most recent wardrobe addition, knit with hand spun that was purchased from River's Edge Weaving Studio at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair this past July. They're going to be at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend. My styling is the problem here--the cuff is caught on a dew claw. Ouch. Gotta be careful of the dew claw when putting on the sweater.
I've been lost in Ravelry for the past week. Damn, I own a lot of books. I've been entering all my vest projects and I'm an advertisement for Briar Rose Fibers. It seems to be the projects that I want to knit first. The color (and for me, the scent)! I can just dive into that color. Damn, I've knit a lot of Rosebuds. I'm working on my own design right now using two different Briar Rose yarns held together. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out fine. I have a few projects in mind and I'll be looking for Briar Rose yarn at the fest this weekend. Can't wait!
I'm seaming the cabled cardigan, and I'm having a problem with the fit. Where the yoke and the sleeves are seamed together is kind of tight with my fleshy arms. It's a really cute sweater. I don't know if the problem can be fixed, or if I have to shrink my bod some to wear the sweater. Other than the sleeve to yoke issue, the sweater fits just fine.


Kniterella said...

Piccolo is so lucky. I love your new sweater. Fest this weekend? I think I missed something - is there a fest this weekend? Please let me know...

Laura said...

I love those colors on her! She does a little expression of concern on her face, but waiting patiently for you to figure it out.