Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Process

It helps when your fit model lives on the premises. All my sweaters are sized with Piccolo as the original, and then I size 2-3 sizes up or down from there. What I found with the Doggie Knits photo shoot, it that most of the dogs we used wore Piccolo's size, even though I knit a lot of back up garments. I didn't pick her for her model perfect figure, but it just worked out that way. She's here being fitted for something new. I'm not sure if I like it, but in my head it was interesting. Sometimes there's a huge gap between what I imagine and the actual execution. Perhaps my block, or rut, is the reason I've embraced knitting for my own wardrobe. Along with my stuff, I'm knitting a basic sweater for Piccolo, to be a part of her wardrobe, and I'm not sure I like the yarn I'm using. If it ends up being a sweater, it's going to wear like iron, but the actual knitting of it almost hurts. The yarn feels kind of stiff. I'm sure it would work great on my machine, and that's what I'll probably do with another hank of this stuff that I bought in a different color. So, I'll do a little fitting to see if I want to move forward. If I don't, the body will be frogged, and I'll use some luscious hand painted Cormo that I purchased this past weekend and can't wait to use. Here's the other thing that's bugging me. It's rare that I want to knit a design for Piccolo other than one of mine. But, I saw this sweater on Ravelry that I just had to do for her. It's a Lopi design that I'm going to do with my stash yarn. It's shown in brown, with cream and black color work. I want something colorful for mine. How goofy is this--I can't decide on three colors that will work together for this. One combo looked like an Easter egg, and I'm going for something unexpected. So, I have all this yarn spread out on the back seat of my car so I can see it in daylight.

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Laura said...

Oh yeah, I've used my car to photograph finished objects before! What about keeping the brown and cream and replacing the black with a bright color like teal or orange?